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If you want to purchase a second or more tickets for either or both days, return to the TICKETS page after completing the checkout for your ticket. Please repeat the check out process completely for the additional tickets. This will ensure that your additional tickets are entered into our database of registered Quilt Show Entry Applications accurately.  You will be provided with additional separate ENTRY receipts.                       Sorry for the inconvenience  ... the Event Registrar

Click the SUBMIT button to proceed to the checkout page.  At this page you will  be able to pay your Admission to the Quilt Show. Clicking this button will send your Registration Information that you entered to the Show Registration Chairman. (See Admission Terms and Conditions) 
Once you have paid via PayPal or your Credit Card you will automatically receive your Ticket by Email.

Multiple Tickets

NOTICE: Submitting this form DOES NOT get your Ticket - You MUST ALSO Pay the Entry Fee


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