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Barbara learned to sew from her grandmother when she was 10 years old.  Her grandmother was very fussy and meticulous which shows in Barbara’s work.  Barbara’s favorite fabric to work with is Civil War reproductions.  She prefers the more traditional quilt patterns but will try other techniques.  She loves to machine piece and really likes handwork such as applique and whole cloth linen quilts.  Barbara does some hand quilting but prefers to quilt her quilts on her home sewing machine.

Carol is our first featured quilter whose specialty is garments. She uses all kinds of techniques and such as painting, applique, stamping and quilting in her jackets and bags.  She uses all kinds of fabrics and stabilizers but mostly quilting fabric in browns and yellows.   Carol was inspired to make wearables because quilters put a lot of effort and time into their quilts, but very few people ever see them.  If you wear a quilted garment in public then you are a walking quilt show bringing smiles to the people that see them.

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